That's my score on the GRE; I did pretty decently I think :) I'd started studying about 8 months ago, after procrastinating for about the same time! But apart from the preparation, I believe luck plays a major factor. My test was absolutely standard with no surprises and the questions were manageable too. [In case you're not interested in the GRE or my ramblings, this is where you should stop reading!]

Surprisingly, it appears that the only center in NCR is at Gurgaon. And it's a tad bit tricky to find! I reached that complex 10 minutes late for my appointment and saw an NIIT center. Foolishly, I assumed that that was the place and went in. If you know anything about these places you'll understand why there wasn't anyone there at 0845 hrs. I sat around for a while, getting more and more tense by the minute. I finally stepped out to ask the guard (who had earlier, nonchalantly told me to wait till around 0900) and he said, "Oh, GRE? That's down that-a-way". I panicked and raced down the corridor, promptly running past the entrance to the basement where the tests are conducted. [So if you're looking for this place, it's past the NIIT center, just before the Karnataka Bank Branch!]

Almost all the candidates were already there, filling out the disclaimer that prohibits you from discussing the questions with others. I put my stuff (phone, wallet and even handkerchief) in the little lockers provided and kept only my passport with me. A little later, we were called one at a time into the administrators room, made to confirm our details, match our signatures (mine didn't, at first :D What can I say? The passport is old!) and have our picture taken by a webcam. I then went to the other room to my allotted cubicle and sat down at the system, stared down at by my recently clicked picture, albeit a grainy, pixelated black and white version. There were ear muffs at every workstation and I must say, there were really effective in blocking out the incessant clicking of keys from when the other candidates were typing away during the essay section; I was glad to have them!

I began with the analytical writing section, followed by quantitative analysis. Math isn't my best subject and I thought I was off to a shaky start when the 4th or the 5th question had me stumped. I wasted some time then hazarded a guess and moved on. However, I did manage to complete the whole thing by solving the last 10 odd problems at lightening speed. After the optional 60 second break (which I took, trying to stop the trembling from the adrenaline rush!) I began the verbal section. I faced decent questions, not too tough but not really simple either. I was expecting a third, unmarked section (the new GRE can have up to 3 unmarked sections, in any order, one of which is for research and does not count towards your score. But since you don't know which of the three is this section, you have to do your best on all!) but luckily, I saw the optional research section screen. I suspected that there would be fourth section so I took my time and relaxed. So I was relieved when the dialog popped up indicating that I was done! I held my breath and clicked through - 790 in quantitative and 750 in verbal. Whew! I went to the administrator's room, signed out, filled the feedback form and went back - to office.

Now, though the exam is over, this isn't the end! I still have the TOEFL to take and then follow up with writing SOPs and researching colleges! But I'm relieved and glad it didn't go badly!

I've marked the location of the testing center on Google Maps and Wikimapia

Prometric Testing PVT LTD
Mercury Solutions LTD Sec-14,
SCO 21 & 22 Lower Ground
Gurgaon, 122001

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