A Suzuki Hayabusa...Or Is It?

Through a lack of anything new to post, I've decided to post pictures of a bike that was parked in our basement parking lot; at first glance it appears to be a Hayabusa but on closer inspection, gives away it's actual pedigree.

Note the following:
  • The speedometer belongs to the Hunk

  • The fuel tank says Suzuki but it also has the logo for Ferrari

  • There were other less obvious indications like the shock absorbers and the handle bar which wouldn't really be noticable in the pics so there aren't any
And once again, please excuse the graininess and generally terrible picture quality, I don't have a proper camera anymore and have to make do with my phone.
Fake Hayabusa Side ShotSide Shot
Fake Hayabusa Side Shot IISide Shot II

Fake Hayabusa Fuel TankFuel Tank

Fake Hayabusa SpeedometerSpeedometer

Fake Hayabusa Length ShotLength Shot

Backpack-Style Water Container For Water Gun For Holi

I've said it before, I don't like Holi. But it comes back every year and it's here again. Anyway, here's something interesting I spotted at the market the other day. The pictures are terribly grainy - my phone's camera isn't the best and it was night.

Backpack  for water - IBackpack for water

Backpack  for water - IIBackpack for water - II

Anyway, what you should be able to see is a reddish-pink container for water (to be slung on your back, like a backpack) connected to a water gun (you can't really see that too well in the snaps) hanging upside-down in a plastic cover. Pretty neat and it's something I've not seen before. Too bad we didn't have this when we were kids and when Holi was still clean and fun!

Why Is It ... Hacking On TV And In Movies

Why is it that on TV shows and in movies, whenever someone manages to 'hack' into the ultra-top-secret target, all the documents on that system open up and populate the entire screen?

I mean, if it's a previous session, who leaves their workspace that way? And if that's what happens on every login, you have to ask, what good would an OS like that be? Every time you login it helpfully opens up every single file you've ever created? Talk about usability.

Animated GIF of the Knight Rider showHacking on the Knight Rider show
Gif was made using gifninja

Or maybe, it's a booby trap. You know, open up a whole bunch of dummy files in an infinite loop until the machine runs out of memory and the hackers get nowhere. Check this grab from the current Knight Rider series, season 1, episode 17 to see what I'm talking about.

[Update] 09 Mar 2009
Forgot that Picasa doesn't support animated gifs. Grumble.