Why I Don't Care That Slumdog Millionaire Has Swept The Oscars

Everyone's raving about Slumdog Millionaire and Indian's in particular are celebrating its Oscar wins. And I think that's just dumb. I' mnot saying the movie is bad (or for that matter, good). And I don't have a problem with the fact that it's helped get some attention to the problems of the slum dwellers. Or even the fact that it's got the talent of some of our artists acknowledged on a global stage. But while the cast, the story, the background may be Indian the fact of the matter is that the movie itself is not.

So why claim that we've finally made it to the Oscars (and won) when it's not a Bollywood film? Why not double our efforts and have an actual, through and through Indian movie win (not that winning an Oscar should be given so much importance but that's a rant for another time). The Kite Runner was set in Afghanistan and had an Afghani cast but you wouldn't say it was an Afghani movie, would you? So why this desperation to be recognized in the West? Why this craze over Rahman winning an Oscar when he has been consistenly winning awards and we already say that he's one of the best composers in our film industry? And the funny part is, most people I know are saying that this isn't even his best work! They opine that it's only because the movie isn't Indian that he's got the exposure and the award (which may very well be true but not necessarily a bad thing).

So let's not go crazy about this one movie when we pump out hundreds in a year. And where we have so many indigenous titles that are worth watching. From what I hear/ read, this isn't even a great movie, just a good one.

P.S. You may remember when I posted about why I didn't vote for the Taj Mahal. Yes, I do like to rant about these things and go against popular opinion, but usually just to play devil's advocate.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the media hype and the desperation to hang on to any achievement that has even the remotest connection to India is just embarrassing(Sunita Williams, et all) and its gone to another level with this.
Though something a friend of mine said at lunch the other day kinda made me think.
Elizabeth while directed by Shekhar Kapoor, an Indian was made with a predominantly British cast and production crew and is called a British film. Why then, can't Slumdog Millionaire be Indian?
But whatever be the verdict on that count, there is no way the UPA government is justified in taking credit for the '8 oscars' it has supposedly brought to India :P(http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/Congress-counts-8-Oscars-as-part-of-UPA-achievements/articleshow/4179161.cms).

no.good.at.coding said...

@Neha: That's a pretty compelling counter-argument and I have nothing to defend myself with! :D

About the government - Ugh! Don't get me started on politicians, it spoils my day!

budh.aaah said...

Yeah hahaa my sentiments exactly..if you have time to visit my blog then you can read about it.

no.good.at.coding said...

Thank you! And almost nothing is off-topic here, if anything, it's all off-topic! :)

Anonymous said...

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