Reading the word ‘nostalgia’ fills you up with a warm feeling; a glow; a sense of happy and good times. It seems to be such a nice emotion. But its not. Have you ever felt nostalgia? It’s a terrible feeling to have!

It brings to mind times gone by. Happier times, yes. But now past, never to come again. The longing for those days to come back, for that glad time to take you out of this rut that you’re stuck in. But it’ll never happen.

When I get nostalgic, I can see vivid images of times and places that I’ve loved. I can feel the warm breeze of the evenings, smell the place, sense the presence of all my friends. I see my college auditorium, just before we went onstage to perform. I see evenings spent out with my friends after exams. I see the time spent with my family, sitting on the terrace on cool summer evenings. I see relaxed hours spent during the preparation for annual days at school and the rushed hours during the final performance. The thrill of receiving an award. The tension before the results. The relief at the end of the exams. The ecstasy at an unexpected free class. Relaxed, contented afternoon siestas. I miss the waking up in the mornings in the hostel to Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit blaring out at full volume from the room next door. I miss the final days of college; the guppa parties; the graffiti; the final farewell; the goodbyes to all those you’ve known for four years, and may never see again. And most of all, I miss the hours spent with my girlfriend, talking about everything under the sun, our future, our plans together. The carefree days that will never come back now.

Of course, our minds do have this certain unneeded quality of embellishing memories of days past to make them seem like the golden days of our lives; the best times that we’ve ever had. Which isn’t completely true. There will be good times ahead. There will be bad times ahead. What’s important is that there is time ahead and how you use it. After all, with life, the journey is definitely much more important than the destination.

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