Why do we feel the need to invent a supernatural, all-powerful, all-seeing figure to guide us through life? Why do we need something to worship? Something to pray to, to provide for us? People say we need God to help reinforce moral values. The thought of someone watching your every move and rewarding or punishing you accordingly helps keep you in check. This may be true, in fact, I know it is, I've often stopped and thought twice about what I was about to do.

But I've just realized something. As we grow older, we move to college, move out of home, get jobs, get a life, have a family...we distance ourselves from our parents. And for 20 odd years they've always been there. Ready to bail you out of every problem. They were all powerful, no problem was insurmountable. If things got out of hand, you knew all you had to do was tell your parents and they'd figure out a way. But now, living away from them, carrying out with your life, you can't do that anymore. They can't do that anymore. And we feel the need for a parent, someone to protect us from the unfairness of life, the problems that surround us. And so we invent God, someone whom we can depend to take care of 'his children' and reward them for being good. When things spin out of control, we leave them to Him to deal with as He sees fit.

This is the reason why I think we really need God. And as my life seems to be going all wrong, I let my arms fall to my sides, look up at the sky, and wish for Him to fix it all. I need Him. I need my parents.

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