Ok. This has got to be the heights of laziness + stupidity. I know that laziness is a very common affliction, but this guy takes the cake ( actually, I think he'd be more likely to ask someone for the cake since he'd be too lazy to get it ). This picture was in the Times Of India, Delhi edition, dated 28th March 2007.

TEACHING AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS: Levester Johnson takes his dog Armani for a morning jog in Akron, Ohio. “I was lazy this morning,” said Johnson. “I’m on the way to the gym myself. I wanted to make sure he got in a workout before I left”

I mean, you're going to the gym and you decide to walk the dog sitting in your car?! Seriously? He couldn't have used the opportunity to warm up with a jog?

People are so incredibly dumb sometimes.

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