I'm really into downloading stuff using torrents and Mininova is where I get most of my torrents from. It's a pretty well maintained site with a simple clean interface.

Originally, when I was told to visit Mininova for torrents, I went to Except that was a scam site. Some guy was asking people for $100 to use, the actual site!

Anyway, a few days ago, they were able to win a court case ( you can read more about it here ) and acquired the domain name as well. So now if you visit, you'll be redirected to Do visit it, it's good.

And if you don't find what you're looking for there, try It's not a site for torrents but rather, a search engine. It searches quite a few sites, including Mininova, Meganova, TorrentSpy, Snarf-It to name a few.

Happy downloading!