Power Cuts

After a couple of weeks of pleasant weather it's been getting quite warm here again. And to add to the suffering, there are frequent power cuts and low water pressure. Usually it doesn't matter much to me since I'm at office all day in air-conditioned comfort and by the time I'm back home, it's dark.

But today, a Sunday, was quite bad. The humidity's been on a rise and that makes the heat oppressive; the cooler's pretty much ineffective. Not that I had much opportunity to use it, given the length and frequency of power cuts.

The day started off with me waking up sweating since there was no electricity. Alright, fine. It was expected, kind of. So I decided to go about and finish off my chores and wait for it to be back. It did come back, after 5 hours, for about a minute! Then it was gone again, leaving me all the worse off after experiencing the somatic and psychological relief of the fan circulating some air in the room. It came back a while later but this was followed by yet another 2 hour power cut!

I'm seriously considering keeping a sleeping bag in my cubicle at work and gradually moving all my essential stuff over. I'd have an AC, a net connection and most importantly, uninterrupted power to run all that! What else could I want?


Charles said...

As I've heard others say, "Oy Vay!"
Heat without AC is no fun, and the humidity makes it worse. Hope things improve for you.

I like the idea of your blog. Sort of what I had in mind when I started, except I strayed. Mine seems more social now than what I originally desired, not that that is anything bad. Good luck with it. Try not to stray for too long at a time. There's loads of help needed out there.

BTW, have you read about "Blogger in draft?" To use it all you need to do is change the part of your URL before your blog name, the "www" to "draft." You get a video upload button with the videos not counting against your 1gig images, stored on Google video and not indexed or available except through your blog. Well, probably available given the video's URL, but who's going to know that without going to your blog first?

no.good.at.coding said...

Funny you should say that my blog is sort of what you had in mind when you started; the friend who gave me the link to yours said it was what she pictured mine to be like in a few years!

And yeah, I have seen the 'draft' feature. Unfortunately, I'm not really into recording videos yet and the bandwidth here in India is still a pretty precious commodity :D

Charles said...

Your assumption was correct, I will respect your wishes, and until you say otherwise, "NGAC" it will be. How did your girlfriend know about my blog? Hardly any readers comment, so is she just a lurker, or is she someone I should recognize? At any rate, I appreciate that she even mentioned my blog, that's a high compliment.
BTW, I'll delete your last comment on my blog to help with your anonymity, I can certainly understand your desire there, that's why you'll find no city or last name connected with my blog. :)

no.good.at.coding said...

Not sure what you mean by 'lurker' but no, none of the above. :D Just stumbled across it during some idle browsing; I think it was the 'Next Blog' link in the Nav Bar.