Background Music

Maybe it's because I've been watching too many movies, but I keep expecting and wising for some sort of background score to accompany my doings throughout the day.

Wouldn't it be great though? Imagine striding into a boardroom meeting to the Imperial March! That would certainly make people more accepting of your ideas!

Or consider the possibility of being aware of your boss lurking around because you can hear the 'dum-dum dum-dum' from Jaws!

The music would also be a great way for people to know how you're feeling at the moment; happy, sad, filled with great expectations. This does have actual possibilities though. Maybe with time, we'd have progressed far enough with AI algorithms for music to have personal devices that can be set to randomly generate music based on a particular mood, soundtrack-style.

Of course, the problem with brilliant ideas, like this one, is that they're short-sighted and never factor in all the other people. With everyone playing out their own theme, it'd just lead to cacophony.


Charles said...

You could always network them with Bluetooth, then synchronize the beat.
My problem is mine would always be playing the Loony Tunes theme. said...

:)) I like the Looney Toons theme, but it would get irritating after a while I guess.

And the sync'ing-over-Bluetooth idea's brilliant; it never occurred to me to sync them!

Charles said...

You could implement a software version of a Phase Locked Loop on your beat clock. It would allow the sync to take place fairly easily.

Mona said...

LOL! I have been doing that in my mind once too often...& mostly the Mr bean Or charlie chaplin kind of background music specially when I need to pep up at doing something. & I must confess it does help to pep up limbs into motion!

dickiebo said...

"..great way to let people know how you are feeling at that moment.."
One of the blogs I read has a daily picture on it, showing the mood of the blogger. Thought that was good. said...

@dickiebo: Thanks for stopping by!

Hm, yes I guess so :) Maybe we should put that on the Blogger feature wishlist.

But I was thinking of a more ubiquitous way; perhaps like on the street or something.