Google Labs India

On 15th August, India’s Independence Day, Google had hinted it had something up it’s sleeves. Today Google’s announced Google Labs India, developing features and tools to provide a platform to work with Indian and South Asian languages for searching for content. Pretty neat.

Also, the Hindi transliteration feature on Blogger has now gone a step further and is now a completely independent tool and iGoogle gadget.

Awesome stuff coming from Google and loads more expected!


Charles said...

Now there's a company you should go to work for. Have you read about their facilities and seen some of the pictures? The ones here in America rock. I'd love to get on with them, but I don't know if I have what they need. said...

I know! It's an amazing organization!

And funny you should say that, I did try out earlier this year. Got through the written elimination round but the interviews were hell! 6 hours with 6 different people, all asking questions to turn your brain inside out. It was an eye-opener, very different from the kind of interviews we normall go through during campus recruitment.

And from what I could tell, these were easier than those in the States! So those must be killer!

So are you going to try? No harm right?

Charles said...

I've never even gotten the chance to interview, I sent a resume, but no word, so I don't think they are interested in me.

Charles said...

I thought that you might be interested in this:

OpenID Site Directory said...

Hey, that's very cool! Thanks for the link, Charles!

Charles said...

You'd probably rather I'd have given you this link:

Libraries - OpenID Wiki

or the specs:
OpenID: specifications said...

:)) I don't plan to work with it anytime soon! But it's good to know the options. Thanks, Charles.