I'm not big on birthdays. For me, it's just another day with the same old things to do. Maybe I'll use it as an excuse to pig out, but otherwise, I kinda even dislike the disruption of my routine. I know, I know, I'll age into a bitter old man. But that's just the way I am. It's not like I don't enjoy life or give thanks for what I've got; I just don't pick my birthday as a special day for it. I take joy in the smaller things...which I shall not list for fear of being labelled a geek! I just don't think birthdays are a big deal.

But my friends and family think otherwise and in spite of my reluctance, they do their best to make it special for me ( which I appreciate but only after a while; after I give up my attitude better suited to a hermit )

So here's some links to what some nice folks had to say to me on this day:

There were others too, friends from school and college, who called and scrapped me on Orkut. Thanks guys.

And last, but not least, a big thanks and a hug to that special person for sending me a scrumptious chocolate cake ( even though I was less than gracious while accepting it; I'm sorry, I was a jerk ).


The Red Queen said...

Hey No Good Birthday Boy! Guess who? Duh. ME! Revelation! Cute footnote btw - Revelations!Footnote!
Happy Birthday (belated) comment!
How were YOU a jerk? You're the least jerk-y person I KNOW..
GOt pissed abt something na? You're an ASS when you're pissed..
Go do something nice NOW!

PS - what do you call a space formed by four circles touching?
assume equal radii, and square formed by joining radii(even rectangle/ non-equality will do though). This would be the general:
Tried to send img tag html, but not acceptable to google b*****ds >:(

snowelf said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! May you enjoy many many more.
And I love that about blogging too--how we are all fiercely loyal group of friends. :) It's wonderful.

--snow said...

what do you call a space formed by four circles touching?

I have absolutely no idea! Seem's like it would be some sort of word with a varient of star/ aster as the root. Let me know when you find out! said...

Thank you snowelf. It certainly is the one of the better ways to get to know people :)

Mona said...

NGAC.I am sorry I did not visit on your birthday! have been undergoing some wierd experiences like my son's motorbike accident & a miraculous escape from the break in plus killer gang! Its been a freaky one week & I am quite shaken yet! tomorrow my son goes in for a minor surgery...

Hope all is well with you, & hey do not eat too much of that cake :) said...

Oh my God, Mona! That's horrible!! Sounds almost too terrible to be true! I hope everything gets back to normal really soon and that your son get's back home hale and hearty. Take care and our prayers are with you.

( And please, no apologies! I've written I'm not too big on birthdays, and you did put up a post just for me, that's special enough! )