Nuclear Arms

You can't hug your children with nuclear arms

Alright, so this was spoken by Amy, Death's crush, from Family Guy, Season 3, Episode 6. And it's sardonic. But it still sounds cool :D


Charles said...

If there were ever a djinni that shouldn't have been let out of the bottle this would have to be the one.

Nukes scare me more for future generations than for myself, since they poison the land and cause so much DNA damage. Why in the world we ever wanted more than the two used to end WWII, I cannot fathom.

Deterrents are one thing, but as much damage can be done with conventional armaments. Any country seeking to develop or deploy nuclear arms are lead by fools. Why assholes are attracted to such destructive technology can only be explained by the corruption by power. Its the innocent who suffers the use of such materials.

Not only do the innocents suffer from the use, there are those who are responsible for the mining, the refinement, the use, and the disposal of these elements, as well as anyone who might need to live on the land where it was mined, used, or might be disposed upon or around. This stuff will leach into the water table and make it deadly to future generations. It has been dumped into the oceans by the careless, and who can tell who might be affected, either already or in the future.

I hate the idea of nuclear arms and/or nuclear power. said...

Hm, I agree with you Charles, it's a very serious matter and none of the 'leaders' seem to realize it. And currently, India's pushing for something, not sure what it is, I'm not keeping up with the news nowadays...

Also, here's something that seems very interesting and promising, if it's true: a mineral that filters radioactivity discovered in Russia.