I've recently started watching Lost and I've got to say, that with all the weird stuff that happens on the island, I find the title screen the most unsettling!

It gives me the feeling of just drifting helplessly in an infinite black void, with absolutely nothing around. And then, out of nowhere, there swim into focus, these huge white letters that spell out, disturbingly, 'Lost'.

You have no idea what they are, what they mean, who made them, for what purpose, ( how they're managing to drift together ) and you'll never find out. Because you can't control where you float and they've swept by you. And you have no idea if those letters are the last thing you'll ever encounter in this emptiness.

Brr! Gives me the shivers!


Mona said...

Don't worry!

Those letters are just a precursor to the word FOUND

That is just the other side of the same coin.

Until you have lost, you will never get a chance to find.

& Finding is equivalent to earning it! so it is very likely that it will never be lost again.

& if it is lost again, then it was never yours in the first place....

Boy NGAC! I am mighty glad to see you!

no.good.at.coding said...

You're such an optimist Mona :)

And it's good to be back, I hope I can keep posting without taking month long breaks!

Mona said...

Thanks for all those comments at my blog! You more than made it for the long absence! :)