I bought a bicycle today. I figured the benefits are three-fold:
  1. Environment friendly

  2. Saves me the cost of petrol

  3. I can use the exercise (especially since I'll have to stop swimming soon, once winter sets in)

I didn't really splurge, just got the cheapest, basic Hero Cycles model; cost me 2800 bucks (about $65 right now).

It was weird riding a bicycle after all these years, especially after getting used to a motorcycle; felt incredibly flimsy and unstable. And my legs weren't used to the workout I gave them riding back from the shop to home. But I'm guessing it'll get better soon.

I couldn't find any pictures; the Hero Cycles website has apparently exceeded bandwidth limit.


Wolfestine said...

Cool! I have always wanted a bicycle, ever since mine got impounded by my parents, 'cause apparently the capital wasn't safe enough for em. Recently, even I have been thinking of buying a bicycle, though I doubt if I had one, I'd use it for commuting (n hence save on fuel). But they are really fun to ride. :) said...

Yes, they are definitely fun to ride! But, after almost 6 years, it's killer on the buttocks, legs and back! At least the first couple of days. It's getting better now :)

Mona said...

that is exactly what I planned doing for my son. I am not allowing him to take his mobike with him, so I am going to buy him an Ordinary bicycle :) to move around! I quoted the same benefits to hi, the ones that you have enlisted here! :)

Indeed, nothing like the good old bicycle!

Mona said...

so , how much weight did you loose riding that one :D

Hope you are doing good NGAC!

The Red Queen said...

That is so cute :D Put up a pic somewhere of you on it. Do you have those bicycle helmet things?
I've tagged you for a thing btw.It's on my blog, most recent post. Fill it up.

Ankan said...

Good.. when do you get time to ride? Do you ride it to office?

Mona said...

where the heck are you?

Unknown said...

cool post.. too bad for the hero said...

>so , how much weight did you loose riding that one
I hope I don't lose too much! I could stand to put on some instead!

And sorry about going AWOL, I was preparing for the GRE, should be around a bit more often now :D

Nah, I'm not putting up any pics :D And no, haven't bought any accessories, except for a padlock

Yup, I ride to office. I figured if it's part of my day, then I'd be more likely to not skip it. And luckily for me, my office is only about 3 KM one way.


Puppet said...

Am proud.. Not of you of course.. Just am...

Anonymous said...

Use of bicycle in today's world is lesser because the advanced technologies in vehicles have replaced bicycle.
And i truly agree to the thought that Use of bicycle has 3 major advantages -- Environment friendly---Saves the cost of petrol--- can be use as exercise