We had a company sponsored movie screening today. We'd had the option of watching Delhi-6 or Billu Barber; an overwhelming majority voted for Delhi-6.

The movie was decent - I thought that the basic concept was interesting, taking the Monkey Man incidents and weaving the story around them. The cinematography was really good and all the actors are worth their billing. And this is the first Bollywood movie I've seen where computer imagery and special effects were used (pardon the pun) to good effect. Roshan's (Abhishek Bacchan) dream sequence where his vision of the West and the East amalgamate was especially well rendered.

The first half of the movie was good, nothing great but a relaxing watch about nothing in particular; a light (if somewhat clichéd at times) mix of coming back home, the big heart of Delhi, the shortcomings of India and how it all just brings the people closer together. However, the second half transitions into something darker which is followed up with melodrama that is a bit too heavy and preachy. Rakeysh Mehra may have wanted to bring a touch of reality to the tale but (and while all ends well), the magic is lost.

In conclusion, the plot starts off promising but ends up being just average, perhaps even a little disappointing. A good option if you have nothing else to do. But there's no need to rush to the halls.


Ashish Vashisht said...

I thought it was pretty pathetic. The first half was disconnected snips of unrelated shots. Then in the second half it was as if he realized he had to make a movie and showed every plot point within 5 minutes fragments - our leads falling in love, suspicion falling on our hero, his parkour like movement skills, and the totally over the top hindu-muslim nonsense. The guy also seemed like he had a big beef with the BJP - things like communal riots (and their causes) are not to be trivialized, by doing that he destroyed the movie's own credibility - ergo everyone feeling it was melodarama at the end :) said...

I recently watched Surfer, Dude and I thought it was a pretty good movie (albeit about nothing) but the IMDB message boards are full of people who are saying wtf!? what is the movie about? I, on the other hand, enjoyed the mellow mood and slow paced narration.

So I think this is a somewhat similar case. I liked that the movie took it's own time unfolding and getting to the actual bits; but I found the change in mood in the second half too jarring. It completely changed the tone of the movie.

But to each his own! :)

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