Of Red Bull, Dandelions and Portable Toilets: Random Photos

I thought this was pretty funny; looks like someone had one too many energy drinks during finals week!
Red Bull Gives Pedestrians Wings!
Red Bull Gives Pedestrians Wings!

I’m not sure what these are, could be dandelions or maybe they’re the seeds of some other plant and just look similar. Either way, there were thousands of these floating around last week; enough to cover the grass with a thin layer that looked almost like snow!
Dandelions I
Dandelions I

Dandelions II
Dandelions II
I wonder why they needed so many portable toilets (the sign on the side says Pit Stop)
Pit Stop Portable Toilets as far as the eye can see
Pit Stop Portable Toilets as far as the eye can see!


The Wallflower said...

Love the first one.
Oh and you missed the ending punctuation on the last remark. :P

Wolfestine said...

I love the pic. captioned Dandelions I. I actually thought it was snow, when I first saw it.

@Wallflower: I almost missed one (punctuation), in the end. Then I read your comment, and added a few extras, just to be sure, that I didn't miss any. ;)

Mona said...

They are seeds actually. My sister's tree used to make such a mess around with those in Cali!

Have you seen the humming birds hovering over those flowers?

Mona said...

Hey NGAC, Sorry I couldn't make it on time on the 3rd to wish you a happy birthday. Wish you a belated happy birthday!:)

no.good.at.coding said...

Mona, thank you! I was expecting to hear from you and was a little disappointed when I didn't! ;)

portable toilet guy said...

Liked the sign, thought the dandelions were nice but the portable toilets - LOVERLY! :)

plumbing supplies said...

Its good to see that there their local government spends budget on those portable toilets. Those toilets are very useful for passerby when they want to take out their load in a very busy place.

PortaJohn Doe said...

Great post! The Portable Toilets look a little lonely with no one visiting them. What's the catch?

Site Fencing said...

Portable toilets are saviors esp when you are on the road and really need to go.