Visit To The High Museum Of Art, Atlanta

We visited the High Museum of Art at Atlanta during the last week of our winter break - they have free entry for residents of Fulton county on the first Saturday of every month. We didn’t anticipate the crowd though and we waited in line for over an hour before we even got to the ticket counter! They had Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition up at that time and we figured we might as well take the opportunity to visit it – that meant another 20 minute wait. By the time we were done, it was kinda late and we were hungry so we didn’t really get to see the rest of the exhibits. And to be honest, I’m not really the kind of person who can really appreciate art; don’t get me wrong, I appreciate good work as much as the next guy, just not enough to sit and look at a sculpture or painting for hours at end.

Photography isn’t allowed in almost half the areas of the museum and you need to sign an agreement that states that the images you take of the artwork are for personal use only and that you will not share or post them online (including Facebook or blogs!) so there isn’t anything for me to post except for a couple of pictures of the museum itself.




Mona said...

Ah! I have been to that museum too & that time also they had a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition going on there. It was funny, the way our guide gave us the history.

Besides, I also saw a farce being enacted in the courtyard down below overlooking those balconies!

Mona said...

Ps. Did you see the lazer show at the stone mountain & the CNN headquarters? said...

Mona! I didn't know you had been to Altanta? When were you here? Can't have been too long ago.

No, I haven't been to either of these places yet - but I plan to, at least once, before I graduate! :)