Georgia Tech Gets New Stinger Buses

The new Stinger Green Route

Classes for the Spring semester at Georgia Tech start on Monday, 12th 11th Jan, 2010 and the Stinger service which was suspended during the winter break started today (Monday, 04th Jan, 2010). The big news is that the Green Route has changed.

We also have new buses and they look much better than the old ones - those were getting kinda worn out. And it looks like there is someone new in charge - the sides of buses have the legend

Owned And Operated By
Groome Transportation of Tn, Inc
DOT # 924765

The new Stinger buses

The inside of the new Stinger buses

Interestingly, Google'ing for this organization brought me to a campaign asking for action to help save the bus drivers' jobs - apparently all 40 of the existing drivers are being replaced with non-union drivers. was flaky in the morning - the route wasn't updated and the system obviously didn't have the new stops and direction of the Green Route so the predictions were all messed up. It seems to have been fixed in the evening though.

And speaking of NextBus, if you happen to use Samurize you might want to check out my Next Bus scraper along with a sample Samurize config that should look something like the screenshot here.

The sample Samurize config for the NextBus scraper