Snow Day In Atlanta

It was really cold here, in Atlanta, these last couple weeks - temperatures dipped to -8 °Celsius and with the wind blowing, it felt even colder. At first there was ice all over and it finally snowed last week on the 7th of Jan. Georgia Tech was closed on Friday - too bad classes on only started this Monday :D

The night it snowed, we found a bat sitting outside our door - the poor little guy must've been half-frozen in the cold. He stayed there for two nights but was gone the third.

P.S. Yeah, I know, this post is a week late but I've been busy and uploading so many images to Blogger is slow work, so...


Ashish Vashisht said...

Wow! Nice dude :) said...


It was just 1/2 an inch as predicted but it looked really nice and didn't melt for a few days.

The Wallflower said...

Real pretty.
Love the one with frozen water in the leaf grooves (they look a little like tiny worms) and the one of the tiny snowman with rose buttons (adorable).
The bat looks a little ew, also a bit like a velvet sac!
The paw prints and the bench. The makings of a(n) (amateur :P) photographer?! :D

Wolfestine said...

Wow, whatever I logged in to say has already been said by MoGlee n The Wallflower. I mean those were exactly my thought, nothing less, and it would have been nothing more too had someone mentioned the fountain. :)

And I think the 1/2 an inch was why it looks so pretty.