The Big Picture

I'm a Virgo and we're supposed to be practical. Supposed to be obsessed with details. Supposed to not believe in astrology! :D But I am obsessed with details. I like getting everything just right. I will waste hours just to get the spacing in a document just right. No one's going to notice and most certainly, no one is going to care. But I just need to do it, it would keep bugging me forever if I didn't fix those little things.

And it’s the same with my life. If there's something wrong or pending, I can't do anything or concentrate on anything else till it’s been corrected and completed. I have a compulsion to put a check mark next to each item in my list as soon as possible.

As a result I'm losing sight of what's important. The ultimate goals. The main aim. For example when my phone wasn't working and I couldn't talk to my girlfriend, it really got me down. It took quite some time to fix and I was really preoccupied with getting it done. I could communicate with her via email, but my mind was only on the phone. The phone which was supposed to be a means to get in touch with someone who is really important to me but which was now overshadowing her by being the focus of all my mental energy. What should have mattered wasn't the phone as long as I could keep in touch. But that is difficult for me to see. Because I'm obsessed with the little things.

Sometimes you need to stop. Take a step back. And have a look-see at the big picture to realize what really matters.

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