Filthy, obscene, disgusting, apathetic, greedy, corrupt nepotists. They are lying bags of manure. Actually, they're lower than that. It doesn't matter where they are, where they're from, they're all crooks ( barring a precious few, who of course get lost in the sea of corruption ). They're all out to grab what they can from the common man, whom they're sworn in to serve and whom they owe their current positions to.

How else would you explain Jharkhand's Rural Development Minister, Enos Ekka spending Rs. 50 lakh on his eight year old son's birthday? 50 lakhs! On an 8 year old's birthday bash! It’s obscene!

And of course all this rubs off on their kin too. Consider Nikhil Gowda, son of Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, grandson of former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda who smashed up Hotel Empire in Bangalore when they refused to serve him at 3:30 AM. And his father has the effrontery to say '...just forget it, children have done (sic)'! As an aside, he was getting ready to address a youth convention where his message was to be 'Give up bad habits and join hands to build a healthy society'. Talk about hypocrisy. Oh, and of course, there has been no case registered against the son. You can tell from the way his father talks ( '...I will talk to him, but the law will take its own course' ) that he fully expects his son to walk away scot-free. Which parent would not be concerned about the outcome of such a state of affairs even if their progeny were innocent?

Nikhil drives around in a Hummer, a Lancer, a Nissan Sport, a Lexus and a BMW 7-series. If this isn't proof enough that these thugs are lining their own pockets with the country's money, I don't know what is.

Of course its possible that they are all victims of the media, which in it's over enthusiasm for sensational stories hypes up everything and presents even the unlikeliest conjectures as hard facts. But I, for one, am not willing to give these people the benefit of doubt. For me, they're guilty until proven innocent.

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