Experiences And Learning

Something or the other is always going wrong. Nothing works out quite the way you plan it. Even things that seem to work fine for others don't go right for you. For no readily apparent reason. It could be anything; programs won't install on similar machines, stuff that you buy seems to reach the end of its short life faster than something that your friend bought with you, and much, much more.

But I've realised that all of these are learning experiences. It all helps in the wrong run. There's so much of what I know that I've discovered when things went awry. The tens of times that I've had to reinstall the OS on my computer because I messed up things taught me all I know about the config.sys files, configuring the BIOS, booting off cd's, formatting, partitioning, backing up drivers and more ( Admittedly it isn't much, but that’s besides the point ). My bike gave me trouble a couple of times, including a few accidents :D, and I now know how to drain the petrol and oil tanks, how to set the idling rpm's, how to adjust the play on the brake and clutch and how to make the clutch loose or tight.

And there's so many other things like losing your wallet, taking the wrong road at the wrong time, breaking down, getting locked out of your house. All of these seem like the end of the world when they happen or at the very least almost insurmountable challenges but once you're over the hill, you've racked up another point in your experience score. When things go wrong and you rush about to set them right, you're exposed to workings that you took for granted or didn't even know about or were just plain not interested in. Because making what’s wrong right takes more effort than just sailing along with no disruptions.

In the end, we need things to go wrong. Not only do they make life more interesting but what you gain from these disasters far outweighs what you lose.

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