In Ghaziabad, on Sunday, about 17,000 candidates for the post of constables finished their examination and started forcing vehicles to stop to ferry them. Window panes were smashed. Fruit vendors were looted. Women were pulled out of their cars and molested and their clothes torn off. And this was right in front of the police headquarters.

Police force? Police farce is more like it. These are future defenders and protectors of our rights. Yeah, right. These people are more likely to join the very gangsters they're sworn to fight against. I'd be hard pressed to choose between politicians and the police to line up and shoot, painfully, one by one. Actually, that isn't bad enough. They should be publicly flogged. They should be stoned. They should all be castrated ( along with the rapists, murderers and other perpetrators of ghastly crimes), slowly, painfully. I really, really hate them.

It burns me up so much that people like this, , are in charge of the law and order in the country. I can't even think straight enough to put down sufficiently bitter adjectives about them. Maybe there isn't anything harsh enough to say.

Agreed there are a few good men out there, fighting the criminal elements and keeping us safe. But look at the majority! They are disgusting lowlifes. The abuse of power! It is so disheartening! I mean, what can you do? What option does one have? My heart goes out to the poor souls who have no standing in society, no relief, no instrument to combat this evil!

And what does happen after something like this takes place? Public outcry. A few arrests. A mention in a blog like this. And then its gone. Something similar happened on October 4th. How many people remember or think about that? The fact remains that nothing will ever fix this. The ones in power will continue to abuse it and the ones without can do nothing to stop them and the few who do have enough clout to do something, stand by and watch with apathy. All that we're taught about 'what goes around comes around' and 'getting what you give' and 'we'll all be judged' is all rot.

May they all suffer horribly for the rest of their lives and for the rest of eternity.

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