Sleeping Sad

According to a recent study, people who go to bed feeling lonely and sad wake up with a surge of energy boosting hormones, like cortisol, which helps to raise blood sugar levels. Also, if you get angry during the day, you'll have higher bedtime levels of cortisol. So evidently, even sleeping sad has some advantages.

But does that mean you shouldn't be worried if you go to bed feeling unhappy with your life? Or if you fight with your partner every night? I feel that the long-term ill-effects on your temperament and your well-being must be huge.

According to another study, holding hands is one of the best ways to fight off stress. People who held hands with their loved ones reacted better to stress and felt more secure and happier with life.

Sometime the best paths to happiness are the ones we overlook or take for granted. So go, hug someone you love and hold hands today!

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