I like it when it rains. Not all the time; but every once in a while. And only on holidays or days when I don't have to do much travelling around!

I love the way the way the sky darkens as clouds start gathering in the distance. The whole world looks so surreal; the sky is dark but there is this weird ethereal illumination that seems to be radiating from everywhere. It gives the sky an orangish colour and makes everything look so different.

As the storm builds up you can see people scurrying around; rushing to get home and finish their business before the downpour starts. Soon, with flashes of lightning and peals of thunder, the rain starts. The smell of dry earth that is suddenly wet by the water from the heavens has got to be one of the most wonderful scents ( even though it is caused by bacteria! ).

Sitting cozily at home and watching the storm break is so much fun. You involuntarily crave hot samosas and/ or soup to counter the chill in the air. Or maybe after coming in after getting caught in the rain, you could use the nutrition and warmth.

The medley of sounds that accompanies the rains is very soothing; the low, deep, distant rumble of thunder that follows the sudden cracks of lightening; the steady pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof and windows; the water dripping from the roofs; the relaxing gurgle of water flowing into the drains. And what makes it special is the silence otherwise. It drowns out everything else and makes the world seem so private.

After the rain stops, everything seems so much brighter and cleaner. All the colours seem different. The green of the trees and plants seems to be glossy and dazzling. The world seems cleansed and reborn; free from sin. The air is clean, crisp and cold. And falling asleep to the sound of rain falling outside is so relaxing. You feel so warm and protected in your cozy bed while the elements rage outside.

But, as with everything else, there are certain drawbacks to it raining too. If you happen to be travelling when the storm hits, it's very frustrating and irritating to be wet and cold. The worst is when you're get caught on the way to work; if you're heading home, it's not that bad because you know you can have a nice warm bath once you reach, followed by a hot meal. I've spent hours squelching around in wet clothes and shoes at college so I know how bad it can be.

But I think the worst aspect is that we have to suffer power cuts! I hate that when it rains and its the best time to turn off the lights and make some popcorn and sit down for a movie, you can't because there is no electricity. And that my downloads at night get interrupted. Though they can be fun too. It gives you an excuse not to study ( if its not too urgent of course. I remember many exams that forced me to sit up on a cold, rainy night with a candle when I'd rather be tucked into bed with a good book! ). It's much quieter too, without any TV's or music.

But nothing lasts forever, not even cold rain; which is good because after a few days of incessant rainfall, things tend to get a little musty and damp. Clothes don't dry and food left out for a couple of days has a tendency to go bad or get soggy. Going out is severely restricted, especially if, like me, you travel around on a two-wheeler; and that can seriously cramp your style :D

So, I guess, as with all things, moderation is the key. Rains are welcome but only for a short while.

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