Winter's almost at an end here and it's time to start putting away all the woolens and blankets. I bid a sad farewell to my first winter in Delhi. I had a fun time; it is my favorite season.

It is such a relief to be free from the oppressive, sweat-soaked heat of summers. You can wake up late in the morning and it'll still be cool. In fact, if you can afford to, you could spend all day in bed, tucked in cozily in your blanket. You can safely skip bathing for days something you can't even dare dream about during summer. Though the frequent and protracted water shortages sometimes make this nightmare a terrible reality. And if its not you, then someone around you would surely be a victim.

Power cuts too lose their bite as you don't need the fans ( or coolers/ ACs if you're lucky ) to be on all the time. If there is a power cut and you can't use your heater anymore, it's not a big deal; just pile on another blanket or another layer of clothes and you'll be fine. The only reason why'd you'd suffer incase of no electricity is because you'd not be able to watch a movie or surf the net or whatever it is that you plan to do that involves power.

Winters also give me reason to bring out my jackets and pullovers that, strangely enough, I seem to have a large number of, considering that till now, I've lived in an area with a temperate climate. Staying in Delhi gave me chance to cycle thorough them all and break them in a bit.

Nutriment choice in summers is largely limited to ice-creams. Usually it's just too warm to have anything else. Winters, on the other hand, present you with a plethora of options. You can have soups, chaat, gaajar-ka-halwa, warm meals of all sorts and what not. Ice-creams are of course still an option.

Warm baths are another delight that can only truly be enjoyed in deep winter. A cold bath in summer is good, agreed. But it just isn't quite the same as a long, hot bath when you've come in from the freezing cold outside. After you're nice and clean, you can just go and tuck yourself back in bed again! A number of holidays that come during that part of the year, Christmas and New Year being the principal ones, help make it fun too.

I especially like the dark, overcast and foggy days that winter has to offer. The whole day seems to be stuck at twilight. And the fog makes it seem so mysterious. I love walking through a fog; it makes the world seem so peaceful and quiet and all my own; my private little place, a much nicer place. It hides out all the evil and sadness, and only shows me a uniform grayness all around.

Though I will say, there is one thing bad about winters; the cold makes my joints hurt. :D

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