In Sickness And In Health...

I've been ill the past few days; I've got a bad throat infection. Actually, it isn't that bad; I don't have a fever and my throat isn't actually hurting. But I have been coughing a lot and my voice is pretty much gone. I sound really ill. And I like it.

I've always liked falling ill. Maybe it’s because I don't fall ill very often. But I like the attention it gets me; even if it’s only for a little while. I like being fussed over by someone and getting sympathy from everyone.

It also gives me a very convenient excuse for skipping my daily jog and for spending a few more minutes lazing around in bed. And if I'm especially sick, I enjoy feeling sorry for myself, wallowing around in self-pity.

But if you're ill when you're staying by yourself, it’s a little hard. There's no one to check up on you; no one to get you some soup; no one to do those little things for you. You still have to clean up the room, wash the utensils, wash clothes, go out to buy supplies.

After a while, though, you get a little sick of being sick. A few days are enough, I think. I've had my few days now. I want to get better. Soon.

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