Points Of View

Going to my relatives' place is such a paradigm shift; everything is seen in new light, from a different point of view. My definitions of right and wrong undergo a major transformation. All that I would normally assume to be acceptable and morally right suddenly stands on shaky ground once I'm there. Things that I'm certain would be alright, I'm not quite sure about anymore.

It's just such a different way of thinking that they have; we just aren't on the same wavelength on so many topics. They don't understand. And I don't understand either. I don't get why they do so many things that they do; why they behave in a particular way. And I know they wouldn't get most of what I do either; why I would want to go out with my friends to a mall; why I would want to eat out every weekend; why I would go out to catch a movie; why spending money on cakes and pastries isn't that big a deal for me. They won't understand why so many things aren't that big a deal to us 'youngsters', its just the same old.

But when I'm there, I often find myself agreeing with them and the longer I stay the more comprehension dawns about why they are the way they are. But as I head back home, it fades away like mist under the morning sun. By the time I'm done parking my bike it's just a faint memory and things I need to get done take priority and by the time I unlock my door and walk in, the familiar sight of my room sweeps away the remaining wisps clear out of my head and I'm once again, back to my routine. Wondering why they don't understand.

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