I've been spending quite a lot these past few months, ever since I started earning. I've been buying things left and right and I've realized that yes! It is therapeutic!

I love purchasing small utility items and then going home and putting them to use. I also like purchasing big utility items and then going and putting them to use but I can't afford to do that too often. I've recently bought a cupboard, a bed and a fridge. I had a great time arranging it all to fit perfectly in my room.

The fridge has been utilized to its full. I bought lots of stuff just to fill it up; ice cream, soy milk, milk, eggs, butter, cheese spread, the works! Its just wonderful, the way it sits there and hums away to itself!

I have fun with small stuff too. I bought some rope the other day to fashion a clothesline. I spent an interesting morning putting it up and adjusting it so it was just right.

I visit the local CSD canteens ( that’s right! Canteens! As in, more than one! ) every other weekend to pick up stuff. The fact that things there are cheaper than outside makes shopping so much more pleasurable! I buy cartons of juice, Chocos, coffee, jam, soap, scrubs, powder, deos, dusting cloths, noodles, napkins, everything! Oh, it’s just wonderful!

It's so relaxing to walk down all those aisles looking around for things to pick up. Scanning and observing. All that choice! All those goods! Making mental notes to pick up something during the next trip. And it all feels so good once you get back and go through your purchased goodies! And if you managed to get a good bargain or struggled and jostled through a crowd to get what you wanted, it feels even better. To sort it all and put it away. To sit down later, comforted by the knowledge that you have all the stuff you need, should you suddenly want it, right there. To use something and beam at it for easing your life and providing comfort and convenience.

Unfortunately, I don't get paid nearly enough to support my hobby. There's only so much I can buy before I'm all out. And then its 3 more weeks till the next round begins.

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