Collateral Damage

Is it just me who feels sorry for all those poor extras and bystanders in movies who get shot, burnt, mauled, electrocuted and more often than not, killed, all in the name of entertainment?

I mean, here they are, walking down the road; maybe on their way back home after a little shopping; planning on that big, well deserved holiday they would finally be taking; the birthday party for their daughter; the chance to meet up with loved ones; and suddenly, someone who thinks he's a hero crosses their path and inadvertently causes them to be exterminated. Or someone with an inferiority complex thinks he's the next super-villain and vaporises the general surroundings in order to make a point to the remaining people to give into his demands, whatever they may be. Where is the justice in that? Whatever did they do to deserve such an end?

I think it's rather sad that no one pays attention to them and all the focus is on the hero. Their death is brushed away as it were inconsequential ( Ok, maybe it is but that's not the point. Oh. Wait. It is. )

The reason why I bring this up is, I have a nasty suscpicion that I'm most definitely not the hero in this feature. And I'm dreading the moment when I become the next collateral damage.

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